Role of Citizens in Reviving Local Government Functions and Governance

May 20, 2021 | Gusau LG Town Hall Meeting | Gasau Town Hall 

Special Guests: Mal. Ibrahim Dan Biba, Mai Unguwa

Alh. Muhsin Bello, Mai Unguwar IBB Lay Out

Saminu Ya’u, Shugaban Matasa Yan Mangwarora

Hon.Hanafi Bagiour, T/Wada,  Ward Councilor Aspirant

Mal. Bello Samaila, Chief Imam Ja’o Mosque.

Abdulrashid Almustapha Jabaka, Chief Ladan o Imamu Malik Mosque

Abdulmajid Aliyu, Chief organizing secretary.

Mr. Sunday Matheu, Representative of Igbo people in Gusau

Governance begins at the grassroots level. Citizens must be able to feel the impact of their local governments through the works done by the local governments. Where such works are not visible, where the impacts of local governance are not felt within communities, it begs the question, why then do local governments exist?

Graced by esteemed members of the community, personnel from media houses, and representatives of various organizations, the 1st Gasau town hall meeting themed “Ask Not What Your Country Can do for You,” was held to discuss the role of citizens in reviving local government functions and governance.

The meeting addressed four key points; the local government as the cradle of democratic leadership, the importance of having trusted administrators in offices, how the local government plays represents the community at the state level, and finally, the concept of federalism.

Equally addressed were the advantages of citizens’ participation in local governance and the way and manner this takes place. According to the speakers, citizens can participate in local governance by direct involvement in decision-making processes, actively participating in local government elections, running for LG offices, writing to the administration on changes they want around the community, and donating to community projects.

Resolutions reached included a call for more active citizens’ participation in local government affairs and that the local government should make efforts to ensure such participation. 

There were 22 participants – 22 men

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