Town Hall Meeting on Voters’ Sensitisation, Potiskum






Khadija Hussaini Abdullahi


20 May, 2022


Special Guests



Saidu Adamu Idriss

Founder/Ed Mutaimaki Juna Foundation

Shayibu Adamu Wanzam

District Head Of Arikime 

Mallam Abdulrahman Dauda

Religious Leader


Summary of the Meeting

The meeting started with an opening prayer led by Mallam Abdulrahman Dauda, a religious leader in Potiskum local government. The Community Journalist of Potiskum further gave an overview of the meeting objectives, introduced the Youth Awareness network, and highlighted the general goal and objectives of MyLga project.

The meeting went well and the major topic discussed includes the importance of voters’ card registration considering this upcoming election.  

The session went further to discuss major challenges/problems citizens face while registering and collecting their PVCs.

Critical Issues Raised During the Meeting

  • The community members of Dogo Nini ward are finding it difficult to collect their PVC from the INEC office after the online registration due to the crowded nature of the INEC office.
  • They also complained that the physically cramped individuals were not given the opportunity to register at the INEC office as it is assumed that they are underage, however, most of them are eligible voters.
  • Also, the residents also complained that the INEC office for physical registration is very far away from their community so there is no essence of online pre-registration when individuals will still need to travel miles away for the biometrics 


    • They requested the Government to bring back the system of Voters card registration at their various polling units, registration at the polling units will be easier to them to access to possess their PVC.
  • The participants also proposed that the community members will collaborate with the INEC staff during the process of the voter’s card registration at the polling unit, this will enable them to register for those deserved.

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