Paiko LGA Engagement

January 2022 | Community Town Hall Meeting 


Special Guests: Community Leader, Shuaibu Ibrahim

Youth Leader, Alhaji Abubakar Adamu Labaran

Women leader; Amina Abdulazeez

Religious Leader, Alhaji Babayaro


Summary of the Meeting

The town hall meeting was aimed at sensitising the residents of the local government communities on how to improve on their relationship with their elected executives in order to promote the development of their communities. This entailed exposing them to the right ways to engage the right agencies on the community needs such as more schools, water, and good roads. Other major point of discussion was how to get access to the local government officials.


One of the raised concerns of the community members is the unmet expectation of the local government in providing an enabling environment for both educated and uneducated people in the community.


In his speech, Alhaji Shuaibu Ibrahim, the community leader, urged participants to think of how they can contribute to the betterment of the country rather than always thinking of what the country can do for them. He emphasised the importance of trust, honesty, and modesty in governance, enjoining citizens to elect leaders who are known to be fair and just. 


Alhaji Abubakar Adamu, the Youth Leader, further cautioned the people to stop overburdening the local government officials on issues outside the constitutional provision of their roles and responsibilities. He emphasised that the government alone at all levels cannot provide all that the citizens require from it without citizens’ active participation in good governance. 


During the meeting, the woman leader, Hajjia Amina Abdulazeez, urged the women in the community to embrace hope and give room for development in the community.


Critical Issues Raised During the Meeting

  • The local government officials do not care about their community.
  • No school, road, or health centre in the community
  • The local government officials are hostile in their engagement with the community members.



  • It was agreed that there will be a meeting between the community leader and the local government chairman
  • The community leader promised to work with the NGO in order to foster development in the community.


Lessons for Future Engagements

  • The meeting participants should be adequately rewarded.
  • The meeting should address cogent issues that can effect instant change in the community.

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