Town Hall Meeting on Citizens’ Engagement with Local Government










Special Guests



Pastor, Mrs. Olorunfemi

Religious Leader

Mrs. Akerele Shola

Christian Women Association


Summary of the Meeting

The town hall meeting was aimed at educating the citizens on the constitutional roles of local government officials. The meeting also aimed at providing a platform for people to ask questions on matters that affect them, strengthening their capacity to advance government accountability at the local government level.  

In her declarative speech, Mrs. Akerele Olushola, Chairperson, Christian Women Association cautioned the people to stop overburdening the local government officials on issues outside the constitutional provision of their roles and responsibilities. She emphasised that the government alone at all levels cannot provide all that the citizens require from them without the citizens’ active participation in good governance. 

During the meeting, participants also expressed concerns about how politics has now become the only available job for politicians, hence the increasing rate of vote-buying. While stating that poverty was one of the reasons why people sold their votes during elections, the meeting noted that poor awareness against voter inducement was helping vote-buying to gain grounds in Nigerian elections.

Critical Issues Raised During the Meeting

  • The local government officials are not accessible to the people.
  • The Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and the primary schools in the local government area are in a very bad state.
  • The local government officials are hostile in their engagement with the citizens.
  • There is a high rate of invasion by Fulani herdsmen on farmland.


  • The citizens agreed to continue to use the various opportunities available to engage the local government and councillors to express their grievances to the government.
  • The citizens resort to working cooperatively with men of the Amotekun and vigilante squads in the various communities.

Below are pictorial representations of the participants.          


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