Lavun LGA Engagement

26th January 2022 | Community Town Hall Meeting 


Special Guests: [Post/title, Name]

Etsuyankpa / Village Head, Nasarafu Community, Alhaji Mohammed Aliyu

Dagachi of Nasarafu, Mall Mohammed Shehu

Chief Imam, Nasarafu Community, Sheik  Nasiru Umar

Party Chairman (APC), Mohammed Musa


Etsuyankpa (right) and DagachI (left) of Nasarafu Community in Lavun LGA during Community Engagement Meeting

Summary of the Meeting

The town hall meeting was aimed at educating the citizens on the importance of community engagement and constitutional roles of local government officials (political post holders). The meeting convened community members  from and around Nasarafu Community and provided an opportunity and forum for people to ask questions on matters that concerns them on a personal level and as well affect their community. Above all, the meeting aims to strengthen their capacities to advance government accountability at the local government level. 

The engagement started with an opening prayer said by the Imam of Nasarafu Community in Gaba Ward of Lavun Local Government. This was then immediately followed by the introduction of the citizen journalist (CJ) covering Lavun LGA and her supporting team. The Estuyankpa / Village Head of Nasarafu Community in Lavun Local Government Area of Niger State – Alhaji Aliyu thereafter gave his welcome/opening remarks. In his remark, the Etsuyankpa after appreciating the CJ for her boldness to champion this course and welcoming all to the gathering enjoined all to feel free to contribute their own quota to the deliberation as it will go a long way to benefit not just their community but the entire residents of the local government area. 

CJ (right), Dagachi of Village Head (Centre) and Community Youth Leader (left)

Keynote address

This was given by the Party Chairman – Mohammed Musa at the gathering. In his address, he appreciated the CJ and the supporters of the programme and further relayed that the meeting will go a long way to helping executives to ascertain the immediate needs of the community and more importantly, strengthen accessibility. He thereafter urged the community members to freely air their views without fear about the current crop of executives before making a commitment on his part to relay all resolutions to the Ward Counsellor and other party members both in the ward and the LGA 


Critical Issues Raised During the Meeting

  • The local government officials do not consult the citizens before preparing the budget.
  • No dividends of democracy were achieved in the LGA/ward.
  • The Executives are not transparent and are underperforming.
  • The local government officials do not play an open door policy in relating with citizens.
  • Wards are represented by incompetent leaders, which leads to underperformance.


Cross section of Participants during Community Engagement Meeting in Nasarafu Community


  • The citizens of Nasarfu agreed to get rid of money sharing politics and henceforth select leaders on merit and integrity.
  • Community members agreed to institute community engagement meetings with members intermittently going forward.
  • Members to meet with ward executives and have a meeting with the Ward Counsellor
  • Ward will send a letter to the LGA for the renovation of the PHC Nasarafu as well as other meaningful projects in the community including borehole drilling and classroom renovations.
  • The Village Head of Nasarafu promises to relay the concept of EiE Nigeria with his counterpart (Etsuyankpas) in the ward.


Lessons for Future Engagements

  • Elites / Important dignitaries who are  knowledgeable will be invited in any future engagement
  • There will be an arrangement for more conducive venue and a microphone for proper communication


Cross section of Women Group during Community Engagement Meeting in Nasarafu Community

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