Lapai LGA Engagement

22nd January 2022 | Community Town Hall Meeting 


Special Guests: [Post/title, Name]

District Head, His Royal Highness

Chairman, Community Association, Lapai Local Government, Alhaji Muhammadu Maigari

Daniya Lapai Emirates Councillors, Dr. Umar Makun Daniya

Secretary to the Emir Lapai local Government, Alhaji Mamuda Haruna Shaba




Summary of the Meeting

The town hall meeting was aimed at educating the citizens on the constitutional roles of local government officials. The meeting also provided a platform for people to ask questions on matters affecting them, strengthening the capacity of citizens to advance government accountability at the local government level. 


In the declarative speech, Alhaji Mamuda Haruna Shaba and Dr. Umar Makun Daniya urged participants to think of how they can contribute to the betterment of the country rather than what the country can do for them. He emphasised the importance of trust, honesty, and modesty in governance, enjoining citizens to elect leaders who are known to be fair and just. 


Alhaji Muhammadu Maigari, District Head of Arewa Yamma Lapai Local Government further cautioned the people to stop overburdening the local government officials on issues outside the constitutional provision of their roles and responsibilities. He emphasised that the government alone at all levels cannot provide all that the citizens require from it without citizens’ active participation in good governance. 


During the meeting,  Umar Makun Daniya asked that the community determine what the Sole Administrator of the Local Government should do through their ward councillors who were also present at the town hall meeting.


Critical Issues Raised During the Meeting

  • The local government officials do not consult the citizens before preparing the budget.
  • Some of the Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and the primary schools in the local government area are in a very bad state.
  • The local government officials are hostile in their engagement with the citizens.
  • They don’t even have time to listen to what the community wants
  • They make some decisions without the community’s knowledge. 
  • Also, the community wants the LGA to clear the refuse disposed of by the community which has taken over the bridge and is becoming a threat to the community. 



  • The citizens of  Arewa Yawwa agreed to set up a committee that will write a letter to the LG Chairman informing him of the dilapidated structures in the primary schools and PHCs through the ward counsellor or district head
  • Dr. Umar Makun Daniya also promised to visit the LG Chairman and engage him on the issues raised by the citizens.


Lessons for Future Engagements

  • The community wishes to invite the LGA official for the next meeting.
  • There will be an arrangement for an alternative power supply in case of a power outage during the town hall meeting.

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