Gurara LGA Engagement

28th January 2022 | Community Town Hall Meeting 


Special Guests: [Post/title, Name]

Lambata ward Councilor, His Royal Highness Dr. Atta

Izom Ward Party Chairman, Mr. Rabiu Muhd Damo

Yarima Lambata, Dr. Sha’ayau Shehu Mafara

Former ward councilor (Lambata), Justice Lawal Hassan Gummi



Summary of the Meeting

The town hall meeting aimed at getting to know happenings in the LG as a result of certain questions raised where citizens express themselves as regards some challenges faced in the LG. The platform also educates citizens on the constitutional roles of local government officials. 


Discussion with community citizens at the palace of Madakin Lambata


In his opening speech, the Madaki of Lambata Ward welcomed everyone present at the event and charged elected officials present to contribute their quarter to the betterment of the LG in order to lessen the hardship people are going through as a result of poor performance on the part of the electorates. He further emphasized the importance of trust, honesty, and modesty in governance, where he pointed out that our actions today will be judged in this life and hereafter. 

The CJ led a brainstorming session by asking the people to point out challenges encountered in the community.

Critical Issues Raised During the Meeting:

  • Poor supply of electricity over the past three months
  • Lack of intervention/ support to aid farmers in the farming process.
  • Need for prompt payment of teachers so as to encourage them to resume duties
  • Poor medical services received in the hospital due to inadequate supply of commodities and issues around payment
  • The Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and the primary schools in the local government area are in a very bad state.
  • Lack of well-graded feeder roads.



  • The ward councilor promised to continue to work with the LG Chairman towards meeting some challenges raised.



Lessons for Future Engagements

  • Evidence to support some claim of allocation given to Local Government.


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