Town Hall Meeting on Voters’ Sensitisation, Gujba






Auwal Salisu Abdullahi 


23 May 2022


Summary of the Meeting

The town hall meeting was conducted at Buni Yadi headquarter of Gujba Local Government with 33 participants in attendance, including traditional rulers, religious leaders, CSO and some local government officials, among others. Some of the participants are from different areas of the local government headquarters. The meeting started at 10 am on a Monday morning, 23/5/2022, which lasted for one hour and 30 minutes. The meeting stopped at exactly 11:30am.


Critical Issues Raised During the Meeting

  • We sensitized them on the importance of voter registration as we are approaching the 2023 general election and societal engagement in local governance. Other issues have been raised and discussed respectively. 
  • With one voice, the participants appreciated the effort of the youth’s awareness network for a tremendous job well done in bringing them into the enlightened world. 


A series of questions were asked by participants concerning voters’ registration, including how to transfer a voter card to a new residential address, as many of those that attended the meeting previously resided at Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camps, which are far from their new addresses. All their questions were answered accordingly, and proper advice was given in that regard.


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