“O God of creation, direct our noble cause. Guide our leaders right; Help our youth the truth to know.”
2nd Stanza of Nigeria’s National Anthem

March 29, 2021 | 2nd Maradun Town Hall Meeting | Aisha Memorial Hall, Mu’allahyidi Arabic Secondary School Maradun

Special Guests: Councilor of Gamaga/Gamagiwa ward, Mubarak Aminu Gama Giwa

Councilor of Kaya ward, Bello Abdulkhadir

Councilor of Dosara/Birnin ward, Shehu Hassan Mancy

Nabilu Lawali, CJ Maradun.

Keeping up with the MyLG project in Zamfara state, the 2nd Maradun local government town hall meeting was held to look for possible ways towards improving citizens’ involvement in Maradun local governance, particularly policy-making, project tracking, implementation, and evaluation.

The meeting titled “Ensuring Active Citizens participation in Local Government Governance” was attended by representatives of the local government administration, representatives of civil societies, and media groups.

Interactions between the local government officials and citizens wove around the active participation of citizens, civil societies, and persons with disabilities (PWD) in governance, provision of birth, death, and marriage registrars for certification, covering the shortage of water supply in the community, provision of necessary social amenities including feeder roads, better market, and support for education within the community.

After hearing views from different participants on how citizens can actively participate in governance, citizens were encouraged to assist good governance by performing civic duties and keeping to law and order.

There were 58 participants – 43 men & 15 women.

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