Enhancing Citizen’s Participation in Bakura Local Government, Zamfara State

March 30, 2021 | 1st Bakura LG Town Hall Meeting | Bakura Local Government Secretariat 

Special Guests: Alhaji Mukhtar Halilu, Personal Assistant to the Sole Administrator

Alhaji Abdulrazak Yusuf, Director of Planning, Bakura LG

The participation of citizens in local governance is important. It provides the grounds for achieving transparency and accountability in government. Without citizens’ active participation, local governments are free to act at will and unchecked.

The first town hall meeting in Bakura local government was held to educate citizens on the importance of active participation in local governance as well as the role of local governments in social and economic developments. This meeting was graced by esteemed members of the Bakura local government, including representatives of the Bakura LG council, representatives of youths and women organizations, social media organizations, and many others. 

Papers delivered and discussions held at the meeting centred around identifying or developing mechanisms to ensure citizens actively participate in governance and are public social well-being catered for by the local government.

In conclusion, the local government was tasked to make available registrars for documenting marriages, birth, and death of citizens to stir citizens’ engagement. The local government is to see to the provision of social amenities such as good roads, water supply, electricity, and sanitation of drainages to avoid water flooding certain areas in the community. Furthermore, the government is to pioneer community development by making educational facilities and supplies, youth development programs, and a market, available. 

There were 47 participants – 27 men & 20 women.

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