March 14, 2021 | 1st Anka LG Town Hall Meeting | Government Girls Day Secondary School E-Library Conference Hall


Special Guests: His Royal Highness, Dr Attahir Muhd Ahmad, Emir of Anka.

His Royal Highness, Alhaji Attahir Muhd, Royal Father of the Emir of Anka.

Hon. Rabiu Muhd damo, Secretary of the Anka Local Government Council.

Nasir Garba Anka, Professor of Bioenergy, Biomass & Biofuel, Federal  University Gusau.

Dr. Sha’ayau Shehu Mafara, Rector, Abdu Gusau Polytechnic Talata-Mafara.


A nation where the activities of governance are of interest to only a tiny part of the populace is dangerously ‘dancing’ on the edge of a cliff. While few people are needed in offices to represent the masses, it is the participation of the masses in the governance of the state that keeps the abuse of power in check.

Such participation begins at the closest level of government to the people – the local government. If citizens can hold duty bearers at this level accountable to deliver on their responsibilities, they can develop ‘the voice’ to demand better from government at the state and federal levels.

Graced by distinguished personalities from the local government area, the meeting themed, “Enhancing Citizens’ Participation in Local Government” educated citizens on the constitutional roles of local government officials and that of citizens. It provided a platform for people to ask questions on matters that affect them, strengthening the capacity of citizens to advance government accountability at the local government level.  

From the discussions, resolutions were reached to make representatives of local organizations and groups participate in Anka LG budget deliberations. The local government was also enjoined  to ensure active participation of women and people with disabilities (PWDs) in the decision making process.

Further resolutions reached included a request for the construction of a Town Hall for Anka LGA, establishment of a steering committee tasked with keeping the local government abreast on matters of public interest, and the continuity of the myLG Project in Anka. Citizens were also encouraged to engage their local government officials and demand accountability for the growth of the community.

There were 90 participants – 57 men & 33 women.

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