We seek to make every local government area information accessible to all.

myLGA is a Nigerian community platform that gives you access to information from 774 LGAs. The project, which was orchestrated by EiE Nigeria, intends to bring to light, activities across every village, town and city in Nigeria.

About myLGA

The local government (LG) is the 3rd tier of government and the closest to the people as their roles include provision and maintenance of primary health care services; construction of rural roads & markets; nursery, primary and adult education among others. 


Billions of naira are received monthly by the 774 local governments in Nigeria, however, citizens do not feel the impact of these allocations as they are either embezzled or used for white elephant projects. 

Due to the consistent abuse of their powers and lack of accountability, citizens look to the state and federal government to provide what the LG should constitutionally provide. Therefore, local governments are the most ineffective tier of government in discharging its duties. 


MyLG Project an initiative of Enough is Enough Nigeria (www.eie.ng) is one that will address negligible citizen engagement which leads to poor service delivery, minimal public accountability and bad governance. It will provide a voice for communities across Nigeria using a web platform, social media (WhatsApp/Telegram, Twitter and Facebook), radio and offline community engagements. 

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